• a5 fad3e9a7dc

    Alpha 5 Stable

    Kaydax released this 2021-05-13 00:41:38 +00:00 | 2 commits to daddy since this release

    Prob very slight performance upgrade. But mostly quality of life updates. We now have playback controls like pausing and skipping, as well as the ability to change the playback speed because why not.

    • Playback controls
    • Better Keyboard and Note design
    • Improved status ui to have proper scaling with the note count
    • The ability to change the size of the note buffer
    • Some other changes I forgot at this point
  • a4 417d17719b

    Alpha 4 Stable

    Kaydax released this 2020-09-04 13:40:58 +00:00 | 25 commits to daddy since this release

    Not much has really been added in this release, but the performance improvements are enough for one

    • Replaced instance rendering notes with a geometry shader
    • Added a open file dialog when double clicking on the exe
    • Made MIDI loading more robust
  • a3 388304398f

    Alpha 3 Stable

    Kaydax released this 2020-07-16 23:41:18 +00:00 | 32 commits to daddy since this release

    • Time
    • NPS counter
    • Note Counter
    • Cleans up the formatting of the stats
    • Note speed is now saved
    • Note colors are darkened a bit to add contrast
    • Bar Color now fixed, no longer does it bug out when setting r,g or b to max value
    • Bar now darker on bottom to give contrast
    • Removes limit on how many notes can be rendered, enjoy killing your pc more
    • Increased performance
    • Added Discord Rich Presence support
  • a2 548d63a5b2

    Alpha 2 Stable

    Kaydax released this 2020-06-15 17:59:59 +00:00 | 57 commits to daddy since this release

    • Fix vsync, for some reason it didn't enable
    • Note allocation: better handling of crashes, at the cost of more ram usage
    • Note Overlap Hiding: Has some performance benefits but may have issues, is able to be toggled
    • Better note style
    • Darker spacers for the keys on the keyboard, looks better
      And some other performance tweaks
  • a1 c302668368

    Alpha 1 Stable

    Kaydax released this 2020-05-28 21:32:13 +00:00 | 67 commits to daddy since this release

    This is the first public alpha build of Chikara. Expect many changes from this point forward